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Have you completed the construction of the website you wanted and are you ready to reap the increase in your company's profits?

Without wanting to disappoint you the construction of the website is just the beginning as no one knows its existence to search for it and in a search with a keyword related to its content, it will appear somewhere in the last pages of the Google list where sites do not generally reach the users. The internet world that you are interested in and your potential customers should learn about the existence of your website through its promotion and advertising.

However, the financial budget of your company may not be able to withstand the budget required to set up advertising campaigns for your website. In this article, we will suggest you practical ways in which you will be able to promote your website on your own without spending a single euro.

Guest Blogging

The strategy of blogging related content is very basic and has long-term benefits for your website as you reach people who are interested in your topic and at the same time build backlinks to your website to get users who search more for your content.

First, you need to do some research to find the blogs you want to target. Blogs that are visited by your potential customers and that will bring quality traffic to your site. Then study the content of the blog and see the posts of other bloggers. Keep the writing style and morphology of the blog in the articles you will upload and create a good working relationship with the author of the blog.

In addition, along with the backlinks to your site that will be on the blog, be sure to create links on your website to your respective articles on the blog, something that the blog author will appreciate and you will avoid excessive self-promotion. If you write in many blogs, it is good to link your new posts with links to your previous posts wherever possible to increase their value while avoiding excessive linking to your site.

Blogger Outreach

It is a strategy with upward trends in recent years regarding the approach of bloggers and influencers, who are people with a huge audience and remarkable achievements, and who will spread your content. These people can send hundreds of customers to your site with a single tweet or your backlink to their site. So the result is well worth the effort. Do your research on such people.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As we have pointed out in our previous articles, SEO, ie optimizing your website for search engines like Google, is the best strategy that brings consistent, passive traffic to your website and brings you scalable and long-term benefits. A successful SEO, however, to be done, is quite complex, multifactorial and requires an experienced company in the field, such as ours. However, there are simple SEO techniques that you can apply yourself for free.

As a first step, you need to do good research to choose the keywords that you will target. Keywords are the cornerstone of a successful SEO and before you choose them you need to make sure that they are popular terms with lots of monthly searches and that there is a market for the content they are referring to in order to be business useful.

Your next step will be to optimize your content, whether you are posting new content or working on existing posts. A valid and regularly updated content that answers all of your potential buying questions is of paramount importance to attract more organic search traffic.

Your last step in SEO is to create a lot of quality backlinks, i.e. links from other pages to yours, which is an indicator of how important and useful your content is in search engines.

If you want to take more action for your website in terms of SEO, use our extremely useful SEO tool the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. To better understand this tool, please read this full guide to using it full time: DSD explained

Create a profile on Google My Business

Google My Business offers the opportunity for free advertising of your company as recorded in the free business directory along with all the necessary information (name, address, phone, website, opening hours, etc.). So when users search for products or services offered by your company, your website appears in the search results with all the above information.

In fact, it is the best tool if your business is local (such as a hair salon) as your business also appears on Google Maps, our well-known Google Maps. There you will be able to collect reviews and connect with your customers through the photos you or they upload.


Creating a free Facebook page for your company is a promising free way to advertise your company, as Facebook is the largest social networking site with billions of users worldwide. So create your own page, fill it with all the information of your company to determine the presence of your brand on the network, allowing you to immediately connect with millions of users.

Then create a consistent content program to show that you are active and place relevant links to your website in your respective posts. So, the more your ideal audience discovers your content and page, the more traffic will be to your site.

The next strategy is to promote your website to Facebook groups, i.e. communities of people who have a common interest. The point is to find and target your ideal audience that is interested in the products / services you provide.

After joining a group, read the rules and spend some time researching the group. Look at how existing members interact. comment on other people's posts and try to help and answer questions that interest the members of the group. This will give you a good reputation in the community and you will then be able to promote your website.


You can use Twitter to create guides, promote your site, and increase your brand awareness and customer support. It is especially good to reach new audiences and watch what people say about you. The big advantage of Twitter is how accessible it is and how fast posts are shared between users via hashtags.

Post highly interesting and engaging content that is shared by as many users as possible who will then visit your profile and website. Make sure the tweets you upload are worthwhile to get as many retweets as possible.

Finally, if you want to offer a gift or a discount, a good trick is to set the condition for users to click on your website or republish your tweet if they want to participate.


Quora is a question-and-answer forum created by users. As a user, you can answer users' questions through your niche and in the process gain the trust of users and increase the traffic of your website. Select the field of questions to be answered taking into account the most popular ones.

Then look at the answers posted on these questions and if they have a lot of views, follow them by posting your own answers. Make sure that those answers that have a lot of views are recent, because if for a question, an old answer, for example from 2015, has millions of views while an answer from a month ago has only 20 views, it means that the topic is now dead and you don't need to deal with it.

It is very important to make sure that your answers are relevant, useful, up-to-date and informative for the users to follow you, while adding images to the answers often enhances their value. At the same time, in any answers that are possible, add links to the content of your site that analyzes the topic in depth. This strategy can take a long time and requires dedication but in the end, it can really pay off.

Free access to a source

This strategy is about creating valuable, useful material - ideally at the heart of your brand or product - then offering free access to it. Whether it's a printable PDF guide, a YouTube tutorial, or a service useful to your audience, the free product is always appealing to all users. As always, note that quality is the key!

The free material content you will offer must be relevant to your niche, otherwise, you are unlikely to see quality traffic. An interesting method of brainstorming is to "spy" on your competitors.

Active participation in discussions

Many times the best way to build a relationship with people and get them interested in your site is to talk to them. Stay in the forefront of what is being said in your industry, about your brand, and then engage strategically in the discussion when possible.

However, it is difficult to engage in a discussion that you are unaware of. The solution to this is in the form of tools like Google Alerts and Talkwalker. These tools send you some email notifications whenever your keywords are listed online, making it easy to track what is being said about them anywhere on the internet.

Our basic advice is to join a discussion where you can add value when you have something valuable to say, whether it is knowledge and advice, or at least linking to another source that will help.

In addition, add your backlinks sparingly when commenting - only in places where your content is particularly relevant. The focus here is on building relationships and sharing knowledge, without leaving your backlink anyhow to all the comment sections you can find.


In summary, you can see that there are several free ways to promote your site. Which strategy ultimately proves to be most effective for you depends to a large extent on the unique competitive landscape and the resources at your disposal: schedule, skill sets, team size, etc.

We will emphasize that SEO is the best long-term method of increasing traffic to your site. It can be done with a low (or no) budget and bring passive, scalable results, while most other methods are one-time and require consistent effort.

Nevertheless, if you need to learn more about the subject of SEO and website promotion, we invite you to visit our Semalt blog.